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Since the pandemic began, we’ve all had to adjust to the “new normal.” Now that we’re returning to in-person events, what does that look like? How have corporate event and retreat venues adjusted to address concerns of health and safety? Further, how will new attitudes towards corporate responsibility and work itself impact businesses and meetings? Here are three event trends worth noting in 2024.

Businesses should tread lightly when easing back to in-person events

There’s no doubt that in-person interaction is making a comeback, but some people are still nervous. Respect this by considering social distancing when you’re choosing a venue and providing sanitation stations to those in attendance. It’s also wise to look into hybrid events, creating a mix of in-person and virtual experiences.

Consumers are focused on corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices

When you’re planning an event, bear this in mind. Consider recycling and reusing things like décor, props, and furniture, and look for ways to make your event more eco-friendly. Think about how you can add social value or give back to the community in conjunction with your event, perhaps through donations or free lectures and workshops. Choose a corporate event venue rental that’s in close proximity to your offices or your employees’ homes, to reduce driving and the resultant pollution.

With an eye on work-life balance, more employees are turning in their resignations

You may discover that you’re having difficulty finding and retaining talent in the current climate. How can you better meet your employees’ needs, prioritizing their personal health, social needs, and mental health? Look for ways to treat employees with respect and offer innovative benefits while promoting a healthy and engaging corporate culture. Events can be a big part of this, giving employees an outside-the-office experiences that affirms their value to the company and allows them to relax and unwind in a unique and inspiring corporate event party and meeting venue.

Your Ultimate Corporate Event Venu

No matter the trends, concerns, or restrictions involved, when it comes to finding a corporate event venue, Texas businesses need look no further than The Milano. This exquisitely designed venue, located in Sugar Land, Texas, features over 10,000 square feet with an urban Italian design and a mid-century interior. The architectural design features beautiful red oak beams with iron accents, wood paneling, exposed brick, and Edison lights for an ambience that is at once sophisticated and warm, modern and elegant. Our spacious facility is ideal for hosting all manner of special events, from ceremonies to receptions to corporate functions. With three ballrooms, a beautiful open patio, The Lissone Lounge for gentlemen and The Biella Suite for bridal parties, it has everything you need to make your event perfect. Check out photos of our beautiful venue on Instagram, pin us on Pinterest, follow us on Facebook, or contact us for more information or to book your event.