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When preparing for any big event, choosing the venue is a major decision. Finding a space to meet all your specific personal needs requires intentional planning and attention to details so your day will go smoothly.

After researching, visit venues. Ask critical questions about spaces and policies so that when you sign a contract, you are making an informed decision.


Is the venue available when you need it?

Flexibility is sometimes an option, but there are some celebrations and events that have set days and times. Ask about available dates.


Considering guests, attendees, and details that include:

  • Ease of navigating the venue for all mobility levels
  • Available public transportation
  • Hotel and other accommodation proximities

Knowing your guests’ specific needs will help you personalize questions that you have.


Every event has negotiable and non-negotiable details. Write a list of these so that you can compare venues and find the answers to your specific and personal questions, such as:

  • Can the venue meet the personal needs of your number of guests?
  • Can the space be adjusted and how does it need to be?
  • What catering options are available?


Don’t be caught off guard by surprise fees. Know what your budget is and compare the options. Asking about all possible costs will help you best decide if a venue is in your budget. Ask about everything:

  • Booking policy- deposit or down payment requirements
  • Amenities- included or additional fees
  • Tables, chairs, and food related needs
  • Cancellation policy
  • Insurance
  • Curfew

Each venue will have different policies and fees. Keep a cost breakdown and comparison so that you know the complete budget for each venue.

Food and Drinks

Some venues will require you to use an in-house caterer, others may provide a list of approved vendors. Don’t turn your nose up at this! Working with staff that have on-site experience means they know the facility. Ask about specific dietary needs and work with caterers to create a warm, welcoming environment.


Consider your music, video, and lighting needs and be prepared to ask about setup requirements.

  • Check the acoustics
  • Is all required equipment provided? Cost extra? Do you have to bring your own?
  • Are technicians provided or for an additional cost? Are there approved vendors?
  • Are there monitors, microphones, speakers, lecterns, cameras?
  • Is there wi-fi?


Creating a memorable event includes personal considerations for your guests. What spaces and services are provided or offered for the comfort and safety of your guests?

Ask about:

  • Parking
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Security
  • Privacy- will there be other events simultaneously?

Milano Event Center

Milano Event Center is an event center carefully designed with you in mind. Our three venues and variety of features will meet your needs while providing space for up to 300 guests. The Milano Event Center is conveniently located near Sugarland, Pearland, Houston, Richmond, Rosenberg, and our venue is right next to two hotels, perfect for out-of-town guests. (We are Located in Sugarland, TX that is near to Pearland, Downtown Houston, Richmond, ad Rosenberg.

Contact Milano Event Center today at 832-617-2655 or email for inquiries at [email protected].