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Weddings are occasions that are not only filled with joy but also a flurry of expenses. Couples preparing for their big day are often met with a maze of budget-busting decisions, and sometimes the costs can pile up without the couple even realizing it. To help you avoid these hidden costs, we have laid out the top hidden expenses that you should be aware of when preparing for your dream wedding.

Vendor’s Gratuity

Surprisingly, gratuity can add up to be one of the most significant hidden expenses during weddings. It is often expected that couples tip their vendors such as photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, and musicians. If you don’t account for gratuity within your budget, it could cost you dearly when payment time comes. Plan for gratuity costs to be around 18-20% of each vendor fee.

Venue Rental

A common mistake that couples make when searching for a wedding venue is underestimating the additional costs that come with renting these spaces. Most venues may require couples to pay for event insurance, security fees, cleaning fees, and additional charges such as cake cutting fees or corkage fees. Before booking a venue, make sure to inquire about these additional costs to budget accordingly.

Choosing the Milano Event Center as your event venue gives you access to an incredible team. To secure your date, all you need to do is supply a 40% rental fee and sign a contract. And don’t worry if you can’t come in person, we’ve got you covered with a simple electronic process. Then it’s time to get creative! Work with our in-house coordinator to design the perfect layout, arrange furniture, and even choose the best vendors to make your event unforgettable.

Bridal Party Expenses

It is customary to treat your bridesmaids and groomsmen to a pre-wedding luncheon. However, this additional cost could be higher than you think. Additionally, don’t forget items such as hair and makeup for your bridal party, their bridal shower, and accommodations for those who have traveled far to attend your special day.

Transportation Costs

Wedding guests are often expected to arrange their transportation to and from the venue. However, if you want to treat your guests or your bridal party to luxury transportation or a party bus, this can lead to hidden expenses.

Unused Items

One of the hidden costs of weddings that is often overlooked is the cost of unused items. For example, couples often purchase additional wedding favors or food, and they may not use all of it, leading to wastage of money.

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Planning a wedding can be emotional, stressful, and expensive. However, keeping these hidden costs in mind can help you budget your wedding expenses. At Milano Event Center in Pearland and Sugar Land Texas, we understand that planning a wedding is complicated, so our team is always prepared to work with you to ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible. We hope this blog has helped you prepare for your big day, and if you have any questions or would like a tour of our venue or wedding planning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 832-617-2655. We proudly serve the Sugar Land, Pearland, Houston, Richmond, and Rosenberg, Texas areas!